“I have been fortunate in my political career to surround myself with talented and driven individuals. Kristin and her firm Southern Heritage Consulting, is no exception. I was impressed enough by her local clients and their success to turn to her in time of need. In all of my interaction with Kristin, she is on-point, low drama, accurate and focused. I have also referred her to several other friends without reservation and will continue to do so without hesitation. “Montgomery County District Attorney, Brett Ligon (Fundraising Client)
“Kristin combines her solid work ethic, accurate instincts, and technical know how into a consulting relationship that efficiently tackles projects, adeptly overcomes obstacles, and encourages creative progress. Her team makes you feel comfortable and well represented even in the most difficult of circumstances.”Judge Phil Grant (Campaign Management Client)
“Kristin is my go-to person for website, communications, and social media. She always does a fantastic job! I highly recommend her firm, Southern Heritage Consulting, for anything you may need!”Constable David Hill (Website, PR, Social Media, & Graphic Client)
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kristin on many projects, including press releases, social media, and campaigns. No matter what it is, I know I can always depend on her to get the job done well and efficiently. When it comes to communications and social media, she always gets the message across in exactly the right way. I highly recommend her for any task.Linda Stuckey, Business Owner - (Social Media, IT Support, & PR Client)
“Kristin was a major contributor to our firm’s technical documentation initiative and always exceeded my expectations. Not only did she meet every deadline on time, but she accomplished this with a professional and dedicated approach. I highly recommend Kristin for any of your technical writing needs.Todd Faulk, Business Executive (Technical Writing Client)